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About Us

GosLyrics (formerly / answerstothem), is a blog created by +Oluwakayode Aboluje (Profile available on Google+) with the following vision
  • to promote heartily worship from men unto God through the provision of gospel song lyrics by which men's heart are fire-lit as they lift up holy hands in joyful fellowshipping
  • to showcase the beauty and ingenuity of gospel music unto all, thus propagating the gospel message itself in the process.


We partner with and Itunes, sites that sell mp3 and music CDs. This we use to service our readers. We are not liable for any issues that has to do with the transaction or any other that may ensue in the dealing with the company. Videos are served from official YouTube handles. Others may include links to websites from which songs can be downloaded (either free or at a charge).

Lyrics on this blog are compiled by the Admin/Author and/or other assigned team members. While we do our best to get correct info, we are not liable for any errors in the lyrics or artiste info on this site. Please use with discretion. However, we make the blog open to our readers to make corrections to any lyrics, and we humbly accept them after due verification. Like to do business with us? Or you have important suggestion/enquiries/comments, Send a mail to

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