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Good news!

Readers can now get their song lyrics here. You can now submit song lyrics in your name for the benefit of others who are in dire need of it.

Those gospel songs in that language of yours that you think people often find it difficult to sing right, why not bring the proper song words here? Whatever language the gospel song is of, whether Igbo, Yoruba, Efik, Urhobo, Hausa, southern Nigeria, Ghanian songs etc., or even songs in your dialects (Ekiti songs, Ijesha songs, Ondo songs etc), the gospel has only one language, and that is Jesus Christ. Certain church songs are being fast forgotten, you can bring them into memories again, just as you are allowed to submit fresh latest gospel songs from known artistes as well as upcoming ones. Oh my goodness! Let's stop this "murdering" of songs people of different tribes do to our precious songs by this simple correction platform where they can get to know the lyrics right.

To do this, send your email to The subject of your email must be the title of the song(s) follow by a hyphen (-) and then artiste name (if known) and then a hyphen, then album name (if known). Your name must be at the last end of the body of your email. (Note that this is the name that will appear in the post as the submitter of the lyrics). The subject should be like this: Na gode - Solomon Lange - Na gode .

Come on, let's promote quality praise and worship! Let's promote the gospel music! Have you started sending your mail now?

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